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15 Things I Learned from WWE Wrestlemania 31

15 Things I Learned from WWE Wrestlemania 31

WWE Wrestlemania. No Subtitles, just Redemption

  1. There was a legend of an RKO that was epic. Randy Orton kills this daily.
  2. I blame Hulk Hogan on Larry Poffo’s misspelling.
  3. WWE was on a mission to redeem themselves…then they had the DX vs NWO war where 90% of the people involved had grey hair.
  4. Trips could NOT lose two manias back to back.
  5. Undertaker just destroyed the 1 in Paul Heyman’s promo.
  6. So, a guy from Nebraska who’s gimmick is relevant to Crow gets an Asian entrance.
  7. Pimp slaps are forgiven. Ask Triple H.
  8. We can’t call that a spring board stunner. It’s known as the Modified Attitude.
  9. Russians can fly.
  10. The entire pyro budget was on Lesnar and they STILL screwed it up!
  11. Mid-card belts now mean more than the Heavyweight one.
  12. Roman’s reign over winning ends.
  13. America got a stock entrance!
  14. Sheamus returns and will kick either the IC or US champ tomorrow. Wait on it.
  15. The dominance known as Ronda Rousey is over 9000!


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15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 10/6/14

15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 10/6/14

WWE RAW – Stunt Doubles, Crazy Chicks, & The Rock?!!!


  1. Lana, you’re from Florida, Rock’s from Florida….you know you wanna.
  2. Rusev, stop showing your Moscow Moose Knuckle with your pants all the way up. It’s not PG!
  3. Speaking of which, when the Rock is in the ring, there will be a mention of one or all of the following: Pie, candy, and/or nipple.
  4. Stunt doubles actually get credit in WWE.
  5. Rollins has perfected ‘the run’ technique.
  6. Big Show tears down a largely inflated flag and goes to sensitivity training? So what do the WWE Crew do during commercials when the flag is up?
  7. The Rock’s entrance was longer than Roman Reigns ‘live’ promo.
  8. Dean Ambrose stole the hot dog stand. He did say he was hungry.
  9. Seth, there are ball tongs.
  10. Kane and Orton can’t cut the mustard.
  11. A food fight was the highlight of a wrestling show. Let that sink in.
  12. Seth Rollins, your case is bent.
  13. The Miz is so irrelevant that an invisible wrestler topped his relevance.
  14. The Rock’s itinerary > tonight’s WWE RAW
  15. The Rock did have on a $600 jacket. Low budget compared to 90’s Rock

The Rock/John Cena – A Clusterfu*k Promo

From promo cues on the wrist to leaving The Great One stuttering over his words, I can no longer get it. Either WWE holding him back or Rocky slipping. Truth is that I feel like Dwayne is no longer in touch with his ‘over-the-top’ persona. The presence of The Rock last night wasn’t that usual presence which pulls you in, no matter how you slice it or dice it. The Rock was top, The Rock is top, The Rock is never supposed to be anything BUT top, but last night, Cena haters back up because John Cena is stepping up to the plate.

The boos will come in from all directions (even mine), but it won’t matter. John Cena is here to prove a point, but The Rock needs to return to top promo form in order to maintain the hype. Enough with the hand movement, enough of the whole ‘reading off your wrist.’ You kinda proved that the hype is overrated for you, Dwayne. It doesn’t matter what trends worldwide, the trend will be #LinesOnWrist and #RockyGotBeat if ya candy ass don’t tighten up. Add the damn shades, and drop the whole, “I’m still an actor” concept. You in the ring, Rock. This ain’t actin, this be wrestling! Cut ya promo like a damn Miami Hurricane football player, not some Hollywood star trying to rekindle that wrestling flame from 7 years ago.

#TEAMBRINGIT all day, but Rock, you the all star….JUST BRING IT!

If you smelllllllllll…..what the Los is cookin’

LosEvolution Re-Inspired

I remember in 1998, I’m flipping through the channels and I found wrestling for the first time. Of course, two people stood out: The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin became my all-time favorite, but The Rock…he became an inspiration.

There was a time that tears of sorrow were shed….of sadness, of anger, and of depression. Though wrestling is scripted (not fake), the characters appeal to a person, not as heroes, but as people. If people could be great on a consistent basis, EVERY WWE/TNA Superstar would have been a top champion. So many wrestle for that dream, but so many fail. Those few have reached higher than they ever dreamed. To have that attitude that there is no one better and that if there is a #1 spot in the world to fight tooth and nail for it.

My three purposes in life were: To make God proud, and to make my family and myself proud. Perhaps, I lost sight of the one that I had to make myself proud. Honestly, I’m not. Honestly, if the person I am now could up and croak, I would know exactly who I would want to replace him. If life would end now, I would regret it because I know at this point in my life how to correct it. The only thing I wish is that those who believe in correcting MY life would stop believing that they could. The adjustments are mine and mine alone to make. What will happen, however, will truly hurt a lot of people because of what I change.

When I walk outside the door of my home, everything sheds off me. The burdens, the pains, the sadness, the emotions, and will be replaced with what I believe will benefit me in the long run. If there is an adjustment that needs to be made, then I will make it. But if there’s one thing I know….you can’t exactly cover up shit and make it not have an odor. The shit has to go!



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I Wanna….

I wanna do it right, I wanna do it well
God knows that I never ever wanna fail
I don’t wanna hit the bottom, roll straight to the top
Only to hit the top, and haters call me a flop
Hustle is what I do, Loyal to who I see
Respect to all the peeps that show love to me
I wanna do it right, I wanna do it well
God knows that I never ever wanna fail
I wanna be the hardest, I wanna be the realest
I wanna be the smartest, I wanna be the trillest
I wanna be the best at all I see and touch
I wanna be the guy that comes through in a clutch
I wanna be the franchise, the man, the icon
Like The Rock, Brahma Bull, I wanna be the great one
10, 20, 30, 40, 50, nigga run it
No matter what I do, I always go 100