LosEvolution Re-Inspired

I remember in 1998, I’m flipping through the channels and I found wrestling for the first time. Of course, two people stood out: The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin became my all-time favorite, but The Rock…he became an inspiration.

There was a time that tears of sorrow were shed….of sadness, of anger, and of depression. Though wrestling is scripted (not fake), the characters appeal to a person, not as heroes, but as people. If people could be great on a consistent basis, EVERY WWE/TNA Superstar would have been a top champion. So many wrestle for that dream, but so many fail. Those few have reached higher than they ever dreamed. To have that attitude that there is no one better and that if there is a #1 spot in the world to fight tooth and nail for it.

My three purposes in life were: To make God proud, and to make my family and myself proud. Perhaps, I lost sight of the one that I had to make myself proud. Honestly, I’m not. Honestly, if the person I am now could up and croak, I would know exactly who I would want to replace him. If life would end now, I would regret it because I know at this point in my life how to correct it. The only thing I wish is that those who believe in correcting MY life would stop believing that they could. The adjustments are mine and mine alone to make. What will happen, however, will truly hurt a lot of people because of what I change.

When I walk outside the door of my home, everything sheds off me. The burdens, the pains, the sadness, the emotions, and will be replaced with what I believe will benefit me in the long run. If there is an adjustment that needs to be made, then I will make it. But if there’s one thing I know….you can’t exactly cover up shit and make it not have an odor. The shit has to go!



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