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The Hobby

LosEvolution started with Xanga.com in 2002 and I had a blog on there. Basically, I’d use it to talk about my feelings, speaking my mind on such random topics. Whatever came to mind, I wrote. After that, I expanded from doing that to writing pages on any topic, from gaming to poetry”¦.back to gaming”¦then back to computing”¦..then to world news. Around 2007, I decided to focus on four broad areas: life, poetry, wrestling, and technology”¦.with some randomness along the way.

Why LosEvolution?

Do you enjoy the  things throughout the day that make the mind go, “Hmmmmm”,? Or what about the things that make you say, “Me too!”, Or what about the occasional, “What the F*ck?”,

Or are you an avid wrestling fan that enjoys to keep up with match results and pick apart the sport?

Well, LosEvolution brings all of that under one banner.

These are the usual postings, coupled with weekly blogs on random stuff that boggles my mind, circled around my diverse interests in , and overall: .

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I hope you enjoy LosEvolution.

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