Funny, I was going to write this in the 3rd person. You know, “LosEvolution is about this or that,” but it hit me. I am going to give you me.

I coined the term “LosEvolution” as a means to define where I am in my life. My life is always in a state of change, one that plans to bring in so much for so many. It simply evolves. I have spent the last decade building the foundation of the LosEvolution brand by doing the simple website consulting and troubleshooting. What started as a tech support niche and side hustle developed into an LLC, with a passion to help others.

I work with companies and people to grow their social media and internet presence through copywriting, content management, website management, and web design. My current portfolio is diverse, including coffee franchises, daycares, tutoring services, rental property companies, Greek-letter organizations, and various collegiate programs. My goal is to help myself, my family, and as many people as possible. The brand is an evolving brand. That is why those who are with me call it, “The Wave.”

The Wave

The Wave is built on a notion that anything is possible, with the right amount of work and knowledge. Every Instagram and blog post contains a note to Ride the Wave. That is what I want you to do. Find your wavelength inside and go for the ride of your lives. This ride has many twists and turns, and even a Reset Button. Finds yours today!

Innovative Project Manager. Having a knack for putting the finishing touches on special projects is a must in this day and age. Seek the LosEvolution Approach.

Motivational speaker, social media influencer, and business technology consultant. LosEvolution evolved from a coined phrase to a great and unbreakable brand.

Expert WordPress CMS and HTML/CSS Developer, utilizing design and content placement to drive client business, accelerate revenue, and deliver results.


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