Act 1 and Act 2, they don’t matter. The only thing that matters, everyone remembers….Act 3. – The Rock

I remember, growing up, I watched The Rock. I began imitating him, watching his career evolve until his 2003 departure. Anyone who knew wrestling knew The Rock. “The Brahma Bull, The Great One, Mr. Hit it Strong, Hit it Fast, even in movies, putting his foot up Hollywood’s candy ***.”
Bald and bold, ‘The Great One’ bowed out gracefully and continued his career in acting. I look at him and how his performance was in speaking on camera, performing in front of a crowd, not attempting to pattern him, but to compare passion, drive, focus, and confidence.
The Rock vs Austin Wrestlemania (Behind the Scenes)

This is the video that inspired my thoughts, knowing that it is now what I look at when it comes to being in front of a crowd. Greatness truly has no limits and I tried my best to be just that: great. I expect 100% out of my life and I aim for the best. Go hard or go home is the mentality. I look at my life and all the adversity. All I can do is borrow the words: JUST BRING IT! I write this because I realize now that I embraced this mentality. No matter the fact that I am human and imperfection is true, I never used it as my crutch. Why start now?
The Rock’s Theme