15 Things I Learned from WWE RAW – 10/6/14

WWE RAW – Stunt Doubles, Crazy Chicks, & The Rock?!!!


  1. Lana, you’re from Florida, Rock’s from Florida….you know you wanna.
  2. Rusev, stop showing your Moscow Moose Knuckle with your pants all the way up. It’s not PG!
  3. Speaking of which, when the Rock is in the ring, there will be a mention of one or all of the following: Pie, candy, and/or nipple.
  4. Stunt doubles actually get credit in WWE.
  5. Rollins has perfected ‘the run’ technique.
  6. Big Show tears down a largely inflated flag and goes to sensitivity training? So what do the WWE Crew do during commercials when the flag is up?
  7. The Rock’s entrance was longer than Roman Reigns ‘live’ promo.
  8. Dean Ambrose stole the hot dog stand. He did say he was hungry.
  9. Seth, there are ball tongs.
  10. Kane and Orton can’t cut the mustard.
  11. A food fight was the highlight of a wrestling show. Let that sink in.
  12. Seth Rollins, your case is bent.
  13. The Miz is so irrelevant that an invisible wrestler topped his relevance.
  14. The Rock’s itinerary > tonight’s WWE RAW
  15. The Rock did have on a $600 jacket. Low budget compared to 90’s Rock http://store.lancasterltd.com/product_p/1743-m-16-blk.htm