The Rock/John Cena – A Clusterfu*k Promo

From promo cues on the wrist to leaving The Great One stuttering over his words, I can no longer get it. Either WWE holding him back or Rocky slipping. Truth is that I feel like Dwayne is no longer in touch with his ‘over-the-top’ persona. The presence of The Rock last night wasn’t that usual presence which pulls you in, no matter how you slice it or dice it. The Rock was top, The Rock is top, The Rock is never supposed to be anything BUT top, but last night, Cena haters back up because John Cena is stepping up to the plate.

The boos will come in from all directions (even mine), but it won’t matter. John Cena is here to prove a point, but The Rock needs to return to top promo form in order to maintain the hype. Enough with the hand movement, enough of the whole ‘reading off your wrist.’ You kinda proved that the hype is overrated for you, Dwayne. It doesn’t matter what trends worldwide, the trend will be #LinesOnWrist and #RockyGotBeat if ya candy ass don’t tighten up. Add the damn shades, and drop the whole, “I’m still an actor” concept. You in the ring, Rock. This ain’t actin, this be wrestling! Cut ya promo like a damn Miami Hurricane football player, not some Hollywood star trying to rekindle that wrestling flame from 7 years ago.

#TEAMBRINGIT all day, but Rock, you the all star….JUST BRING IT!

If you smelllllllllll…..what the Los is cookin’