15 Things I Learned from WWE Wrestlemania 31

WWE Wrestlemania. No Subtitles, just Redemption

  1. There was a legend of an RKO that was epic. Randy Orton kills this daily.
  2. I blame Hulk Hogan on Larry Poffo’s misspelling.
  3. WWE was on a mission to redeem themselves…then they had the DX vs NWO war where 90% of the people involved had grey hair.
  4. Trips could NOT lose two manias back to back.
  5. Undertaker just destroyed the 1 in Paul Heyman’s promo.
  6. So, a guy from Nebraska who’s gimmick is relevant to Crow gets an Asian entrance.
  7. Pimp slaps are forgiven. Ask Triple H.
  8. We can’t call that a spring board stunner. It’s known as the Modified Attitude.
  9. Russians can fly.
  10. The entire pyro budget was on Lesnar and they STILL screwed it up!
  11. Mid-card belts now mean more than the Heavyweight one.
  12. Roman’s reign over winning ends.
  13. America got a stock entrance!
  14. Sheamus returns and will kick either the IC or US champ tomorrow. Wait on it.
  15. The dominance known as Ronda Rousey is over 9000!


–contributions to this list made by TheWrasslinGods. Follow @WrasslinGodsPod