Site Updates – Life

Site Updates – Life

So, what is the deal? Well, life hit. How?


Let’s see…well, I had a kid. She is awesome and keeps me awake. Maybe I’ll use the awake time to keep posting. That will happen between coos, poops, wet diapers, and feedings. Fun Times! She thinks so too!

Baby Brooke
Brooke, meet the World. World, meet Brooke.

I got this new job, and it is also awesome. Check out my LinkedIn profile about the whole Client Delivery Manager fun! I am 5 months in, as of August, and each day is a new, exciting challenge. More responsibility and more opportunity.

Now that I got a hand on things, here is a brief view on what is coming!

15 Things Returns

The list is coming back, starting at WWE Summerslam for you wrestling fans! Also, each event will be recapped, and I hope to market some WWE merch!

Lyrical Updates

Two collections are going to be posted: Recognition and The Reset Button. Recognition will drop in October and The Reset Button in November. I entertained the thought of making them into published books, and may even offer them as eBooks on the site.

More to come! Follow LosEvolution on the Twittah, Instagram, and Facebook for more!

Why Did I Become A Gamer Part III

Click here for Part I and Part II


For the final spiel, I want to dwell into what made me real as a gamer. When I was a kid, it was all I had. No siblings, so all I had was a control stick ready to be dominated. I basically bust my ass when it comes to every game, no sandbagging, and I play every game like it is my last. It is a contradiction to my Part II spiel, but it is true.

I do everything from watch film, train, practice, compete in clan matches, read strategy forums, even getting trained by great players in certain games. I do time-attacks in adventure games for fun, play action-adventure games on the hardest difficulty, compete in the major and minor RTS games, and working on spanking the sports genre.

I believe in trial by fire. If you’re new to the game, get thrown to the wolves! Do NOT go after similar sheep since it will give you false confidence. Knock the best mofo off his or her perch. Establish yourself by kicking major ass, not playing in the minor leagues.

So, are you REALLY a gamer?!


I know I am


Accepting Imperfection or Trying to Reach Perfection?

The conflict within myself is to either accept the fact that mistakes will come…..or to do what it takes to prevent mistakes from coming. I had a blank moment when I was told to, “Be the best that you can be.” I only heard, “Be the best.” In life, I expect so much from myself that no one’s expectations could be higher. Because of this, it angers me so when these expectations are not met, especially when it is something that I feel that is in my own control. LosEvolution, in itself, is just that: My evolution.

The tears I shed over sadness…
The angers that I have over failure…
The pain that fuels the desire to be the best in all that I do…

It is drive, a motivation, a force…pure absolute power.

I do not know which one I will choose; however, I am currently tired. That is one thing for certain.

Changes will come, and another evolution will take place.