Accepting Imperfection or Trying to Reach Perfection?

The conflict within myself is to either accept the fact that mistakes will come…..or to do what it takes to prevent mistakes from coming. I had a blank moment when I was told to, “Be the best that you can be.” I only heard, “Be the best.” In life, I expect so much from myself that no one’s expectations could be higher. Because of this, it angers me so when these expectations are not met, especially when it is something that I feel that is in my own control. LosEvolution, in itself, is just that: My evolution.

The tears I shed over sadness…
The angers that I have over failure…
The pain that fuels the desire to be the best in all that I do…

It is drive, a motivation, a force…pure absolute power.

I do not know which one I will choose; however, I am currently tired. That is one thing for certain.

Changes will come, and another evolution will take place.