Make Everyone Around You Look Good to Look Good

You never look good trying to make someone else look bad – @motivation_mondays

Ever met someone that always believed in their own bs? I mean, in a bad way. I am referring to the point where it tears everyone else down. That is not a success. In this world, we emphasize individual accomplishments, but without the realization that individual accomplishments influence the world around you.

Success Brings Success

If everyone is not succeeding around you, then are you succeeding as a company, as a team, or even as a family? I have heard the saying that you are a product of the top 5 people you are around. If those people are not succeeding, how can you have a measure of success?

Share the Victories

Winning as an individual is easy. When you can build other winners, then that is winning. I am not saying to help those who do not want to win or put in the work. For me, it is a tough lesson because my career up until now has been about my own success. Now I have to build up others, allow them to enjoy their successes, and coach through the failures.


Patience is a virtue.