It’s the yin, yeah, I’m in
Writing verses, spittin bars again
Pulling double duty, think I’m a twin
Rhymes so critical, you’d think it’s a sin
Pen moving, back to the game
Yang about to put it in and rearrange
The flow in the game, yeah it’s off the chain
Spitting lyrics two styles, think a nigga insane
Time to switch, rhyme, style pitch,
Call me what you want, can’t call it a bitch
It’s the yang, change the game
I-Phi pledged, I’m off the chain
Change the game, yeah, it’s the intro
What you think the list was short for
I’m the fuckin man, y’all didn’t get it did ya
Nah I’m the man, time to repeat it for ya
It’s the yin, yeah I’m in
It’s the yang, fuck a yin
I guarantee, I’m going in
You ain’t shit, without the pin
I bounce it up, rhyme going left, going right
Vision of rhymes ain’t straight without my sight
About time we get tired of this lil fight
Well, flow with my beat and we’ll get the game right

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