Without that passion, without that focus
Life will be bullshit, trust, I know this
This is the reflection of life without that drive
Being at the point where one can’t enjoy the ride

The point of numbness is a point of no emotion
Where life is viewed empty, like the ocean
Goin through the day, just coastin
not even boastin, things just in slow motion
Without the passion to go, all one can do is stop
Hitting rock bottom instead of going to the top

So what is the decision, what is the solution
To become a better person, a true evolution
Enough of letting life’s hardships break you
Instead, let those hardships make you
Motivation cannot come from others but it can come from self
The motivation must be genuine, true, and heartfelt
Some people did this in 2 weeks when it took others 5
Think of your life..without passion…without drive.

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