For the last 5 years, I was simply proud
To be alive in the game, among the crowd
To let the sun bounce off my face
No matter what happened I didn’t replace
The smile that came across the face, I never touched
All the peeps who knew me, called me clutch
Because I always came through, but now I see
Everyone has someone to grow off but me
I feel so alone, I feel no longer free
I even feel distant to the point I’m numb to me
What triggered this feeling? What is it in the life?
What is it that makes me want to quit the fight?
Perhaps I’m tired of always falling short
In the things I pursue, I keep falling short
Been failing so long I should be used to it
Squandered most of life’s blessings, God knows I abused it
I ask forgiveness for granted talent I never used
I ask to be blessed with an opportunity to truly choose
Between that talent and this life, I would choose it quick
Because the things without it in life makes me sick
I’m the Yin on the sign, see the black dot
Vibes from my heart that make tracks hot

–inspired by Vybe Beatz – Best Friend

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