Bout to take the gloves and fuck it up
Let you suckas know that enough is enough
I’m tired of the effort not matching mine
So step out the way, lose your spot in line
Quit holding onto something that you can’t hold on
Ya losing the grip on something so strong
The real truth is out may as well accept it
Cards wasn’t rigged, my hand, you just dealt it
I’m chopping off all heads with my fangs
You heard from the Ying, now it’s time for Yang.
It’s time to put it there for the world to see
And let em know the harsh realty of being me
Hidden from the world, covered in all sin
About to clean myself off and begin again
About to put it down on the mic so strong
People get salty and say Los talking wrong
Shit’s too bad, so while we going in
You should’ve listened when I finished Loose Ends
You should’ve heard all chronicles of L.E.
I won the fight homie and I’m gonna be me
It’s time to expose the truth for the world to see
18 years in life, still rookie to me
5 years in life, haters took it from me
5 years in that life, clowns still looking for me

–Hustle Gang – Here I go

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