Nigga I break em in
Nigga I break the rule
Breaking the life of sin
Not bein cool
I’m just bein the Los
Love me the most
Whoop a nigga’s ass from coast to coast
Get wit it, I accept the life and the true code
No choice but being 7-4 till the world blow
No change to the game, ya know the name
C-L-O-S, screw the rest, ya got the best
Not breaking the game, not changing the flow
Maury back in the game, and that’s fa-sho
I’m taking the gangsta roots, not giving a hoot
Fuck a dumb nigga, they know I’ll give em the boot
My strength is my past, my heart’s my future
I’ll end ya in so many ways, ya call me kama sutra
I hit up any show, ya know fa-sho
That legend is my flow, ya shit just blow

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