I’m the one they call the Los, the real game the truth
The one who will set blaze to the whole fuckin roof
You can ask my boy Teddy, yeah he the fuckin truth
And watch as the other cats fall in the suit
It’s time to spit the heat, to tell ya what it’s about
But before I do I pay homage to the King of the South
T.I., or T.I.P,
The man all the other rappers know they can’t be
Now I paid homage to the verse, I rep the true legend
To say that Los is smart not to be a felon
To know his limits, to know how to play the card
To know that no matter what he falls before God
Modest, but proud, funny but serious
Think you can touch me, bitch you delirious
One exam down, three more to go
Pop in the teacher’s room and put on a fuckin show

King of the south, yea watch your fuckin mouth
Before TIP come tell ya what it is all about
To question my flows you dumb enough to doubt
That my heat goes north, never goin south
19 years of heart, 20 with the mind
Always one step ahead on this fuckin grind
The grind is life, not a grand hustle
I ain’t no petty nigga, Matt gave me the nick Muscle
I live it strong, live it hard and fast
And walk up to any cat and say I’ma whup your ass!
I ain’t no gangsta, but I ain’t no fuckin punk
Fuck with the real Los, yea ya ship get sunk
It’s a simple concept, not to say I’m the best
But fact is that Los ain’t like the rest
It’s a simple concept, not to say I’m the best
But fact is that Los ain’t like the rest

Defining evolution with all my steps
Praying that God helps me maintain my health
Evolution is not bold, it’s not conceited
A piece of my soul, God knows I needed it
I needed the confidence to live this life
Not to be burned out in this freaking fight
I fight for truth, I believe Jesus’s resurrection
That through His blood, I will always have His protection
I try to follow Him, no matter how short I fall
My true pleasure is to know I gave it my all
I followed in faith, knowing He’d show me the way
Always knowing what cards I need to play

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