Straight out the gate payin homage to the king
King of the south, rep it in the strings
So many loose ends, only one paper trail
Shout out to Yung Myers, givin Mississippi hell
He do this for the hustle, I do it for the fun
He runnin the hard race, once they shot the gun
Rollin through the Sip, lettin ya know what’s up
Next thing you know, everybody yellin, “Batter Up”
But enough about Myers, listen to the Los
The man who spat his flows from coast to freakin coast
Ya listened to 9 tracks, tracks that gave ya ass hell
Cuz every rhyme had a unique story to tell
I tried to make it work, I tried to make it last
But we all know what happens when it goes too fast
I tried to cooperate, my hand I tried to lend
My emotions became broken, instead of the default bend
The loose ends are over, Los never failed
But the one thing I had to shout about was my Paper Trail

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