In 3 verses I’m gonna let you know, from start to finish
How the bullshit goes, every word I meant it
Hit the middle school, intellect and all, then here come the bullies causing my downfall
We fuss, we fight, we try to make amends, even tried at one point to be real friends
I tried to play by the rules, I tried not to snitch
Even told my mom that people made me a bitch
Didn’t get me anywhere but more insults to the face
Then I said fuck it and put people in their place
I let em know that I wasn’t taking anymore
I almost brought a knife out of my motherfuckin door
I wanted their face in the dirt, honestly, I wished their asses dead
Wanted to look them in the eyes, take a sword and behead
Their asses and walk away without a word
Just letting you know bullying is for the birds

And the next thing you know, I up and changed my name
Hoping things in my life won’t be the same
It taught me distance, taught me to leave it alone
It taught me that in the game, you gotta be strong
Always walk around the world with a clenched fist
With a mentality that if someone croak, they won’t be missed
It is what it is, it is what it was
From friends to family, even the closest because
I’m tainted, the bullies faded, but I don’t know why
This anger and frustration lives with me until I die
I tried to push it out, channel it, even meditated
All it led me to do is have more people hated
I’m sure they hate me too, but that’s ok
The third verse will let you know the final say
I’m done with everything, I’m sick and tired
Of not getting all the things in life I desired

08 came around and I did a lot of things,
Kept the poetry going cuz it made my heart sing
Went to Cancun as an escape to my life
Knew I couldn’t stay forever, true, I know, right
I kept changing things to make myself feel good
On the weights, on the blacks & mild…wood tip
I even pledged Iota Phi Theta for a small light
But greek life gave me the freaking spotlight
I’m the Cult of Personality, I set the standard
Trying to make sure that my clean rep ain’t slandered
Because I now care less about who asks or what I did
I’m better than all bullies, fuck ya punk ass kid
No matter what I always feel sad?
It’s because a nice soul feels mad
I’m mad at the world for the sins of a few
Willing to shove the world a middle finger, saying “FUCK YOU”

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