Lights on, lights off, processors constantly moving
Mouse steady clickin, hands keep the keyboard grooving
On the keys, ya see the texts on the big screens
Know that all colors made of red, blue, and green
Know everything about em, fixing em left and right
Working on em constantly, everyday and every night
But I’m not geeked out completely, I can do other things
My passion is the emotion and action I bring

To everything I do, to everything in my reach
To every pastor who believe in God, please preach
To serve the savior, to keep pressing forward
Never lookin back, always lookin toward
The light of my way, been through all evil
Through the devil, Satan, Mr. Evil Caneval
Back to the subject, back to the passion
Hopin my profession can get me a mansion
I grind at the computers, workin on all aspects
It is here that I managed my most respect
Because I pull all miracles, I pull things off
Workin on laptops, desktops, large or small

My passion is diversity; I’m different than the others
Pledged I-Phi-T I didn’t wanna do the others
No disrespect but I just wanted to stand out
Let this campus know what Iota is all about
Scholarship, citizenship, fidelity, leadership
Brotherhood is the main one that leaves my lips
The first four no problem, I struggle with the 5th
Cuz I’m distant like Anakin in Revenge of the Sith
I’m not antisocial, but my life is the seclusion
Fooling people with my outward delusion
It is basically like this, I lived alone for a reason
Cuz people treated me like they treated the season
Summer they sweatin me, Fall they following me
Winter they get away, Then they just Spring on me
But then I realize who my real friends was
I shout this out to y’all, I do apologize cuz

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