No matter what, home, I’m only human
I’m tired of pit-pattin, here this shit go again
How you gone sit there, shit talkin, tryin to bring a nigga down
And trust when you the only one lookin like a damn clown
Because I built a rep that’s bigger than you and me
Not for being a badass or a wanna be G
Built it under respect, built it for the hustle
The struggle the grind, chick, I flex the muscle
Ole Miss is my ground, and I run it with a iron fist
You can leave and no one knows ya, but trust, I’ll be missed
I am the king, but I’m humble by choice
That’s why i can rock a crowd only with my voice
So, keep ya distance shawty, keep tweetin away
Cuz no matter what, me and the lady are goin our way
You fucked up and trust me I did too
But I’m human, forgive me and I forgive you too

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