People talk like they know the story, talkin like they know the truth
Talkin like they played the game, talkin like they know the rules
But the truth is that I played the game, true story of a player
Franchise so strong and trill, owned city, bitch call me mayor
I continue the story of Loose Ends, my story of tightening up
Shit that needs to be dealt with, wrongs I be righting em
I tried to be straight and narrow, tried to do it right
All it did was cause me pain, cause me to always fight
So I darkened my heart and kept it cold, sold lies that were bold
Changed scripts on people since I was 16 years old
So 10 years later, I make a confession
Tell the truth so you can see
How hard it is to be real, How hard it is to be L.E.

How hard it is to be L.E.
How hard it is to play the game
How hard it is to stay off the chain
How hard is it not to rearrange
A person’s face for trying to stop me
From deepening this dark trail, this struggle…..on the way of L.E.

I’m always primed, I’m always game
To always swing, to always bring
My anger to the dance, the ish keeps me in a trance
This is why I stayed alone, because my anger is so old
I didn’t want to hurt new people due to my lack of control
I don’t want to cause anyone pain, but my motives are hard to see
Especially since no one knows the Way of L.E.
That I’m destined to be alone, destined to be cold and old
Destined to die in silence, without the real story told
I’m best in the game, but no one knows,
The rest would hate me, if my story is told
I tried to live my like so bold
But I now know I’ll die alone and old


inspired by Vybe Beats – LostForWords

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