A hundred forty characters make a person see
That no one knows how to be a real ‘G’
They wanna be fake, but wanna make amends
On Twitter, they hate you, but they your dick ridin friends

Let’s go, tweet…tell the fuckin world
How childish you are, you make me wanna hurl

People hide behind the bird, thinkin no one sees the word
Guarantee they see the people and tell em what they heard
You text em and words back and forth like a fuckin rubber
Stick to one side, quit bouncing to another
Be a friend to their face, but the words spread wide
They find out the truth, you’re not on their side
Tweet behind they back, disrespect their code
But be in their face, straight ride-or-die mode
Let’s be real and trust, we all make mistakes
But look at my life and compare to yours how’s great
That I’m always lookin better, always lookin cool
While you’re struggling not to look like a fool
I done did more than fight lames, and switched blades and changed games
I stopped playing and got celeb and I rearrange
There’s more to my life than my sins
And for the 4th time I’m tiding up Loose Ends


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