To look at a person, full of emotion
To look with feelings, as deep as the ocean
To look at a person, eyes filled with love
Looking at a person’s face shine, as bright as the sun above
The heart being scattered, thrown in all directions
But at its core, the answer shows without objection
We know that the heart is controlled by the brain
But the heart makes a person smile at the mention of a certain name
That name resides in a person’s being, full of desire
Feelings that hit a person’s core, burning hot like fire
So the heart is strong, the heart is truly deep
Willing to be filled by that special someone, swept off his or her feet

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To dream of others, vision white as a dove
Chasin this crazy emotion peeps call love
Pushing luck with others, emotions eatin the heart like cancer
Finding out if it’s so right with Mr. or Ms. Right is the answer
To put so much emphasis on one day seems to boggle the mind
Cuz why show emotion for that someone on one day when it should be shown all the time
Valentine’s Day comes, Valentine’s Day goes
But each and everyday, the heart flows
It flows with all emotions from love, lust, to desire
Sometimes hate and rage, blazing like fire
So before you emphasize on Valentine’ Day, think of what that special someone would say, especially if you show them that special love, not one day, but two, three, even everyday.