It’s the point when the heat is on,
The point when I know that it’s time to be grown,
The point where the legend stands tall,
The true Los,always shine above it all
I look to God for all the answers to my questions
Hopin that my fam and friends get the protection
From the dangers that life brings and what it does
To my mom, my dad, and all my crazy cuz
To my boy, my ace, my peeps, my brother
The peeps that I wouldn’t trade for any other
They always on my side, always on the real
Always up to something, sometimes just chill
Hope they know how much I feel them all
I appreciate the times from birth to this fall
Always appreciate the peeps, made me who I am
Some may know it, others don’t give a damn

I ask God to forgive me for my wrongdo
So I can continue to live a life that’s true
I know I made mistakes makin the walk
Even makin mistakes in the way I talk
But these mistakes weren’t on purpose
I speak, hopin my intentions flow to the surface
I intend to keep this path, to keep my choice
To always use my heart, my true fuckin voice
I look up for the truth, I look within for the answer
To stop my evil, eatin the good away like cancer
It’s real, it’s true that I define evolution
Cuz with God’s help, I can find a solution
I can find the answer to the life question
The answer to my whole life not just a section
I will continue, will keep in the search
I look for God in my heart, my Bible & in church.

I give true thanks to HIM
I give thanks for my talents
Never takin away from HIS glory
Tryin to obey commandments
Sometimes fallin short, sometimes hittin hard
Holdin my years in my hands, all 20 cards
I hold ’em real, never lettin go
Words and tears, all they do is flow
All I got to do is keep writing, keep goin
Here’s what happen in the year of growin’
I defined much, I stay in existence
Givin my life away to my commitments
I committed my heart, yearning to rise above
Stickin with IMAGE, my life, my true love
Double O 4 was a year of evolution
Double O 5, I found the solution
I found the answer to be me, Carlos Maury
Finally my vision stopped bein blurry
Double O 6 was the year that’s real
The year that the cards really did deal
Double O 7 is the year with a 7?
The year that I plan to be a true legend
As a man, as an outcast, outlaw
Either flow from the right or left, southpaw
I’ll stand for all but I stand for Los
Put others before myself what i do most
I stole one verse from his rhyme
We all know Tupac song, “Until the End of Time”
RIP Tonyia, I miss your hug and caress
Thankin God that the tired can rest
I thank Him for helping me find my release
So my mind can begin to find the true peace
I end this flow with one final verse
Just be thankful for your life, gift or curse

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