You wake up in the morning, walking strong, feeling so proud
Cuz the emotion you feel, you truly haven’t felt it in a while
That point where everything flows right and nothing goes wrong
Cuz compassion is the true point where one stays strong

To show emotion is a point of showing true power
Cuz that special someone makes you smile every moment, every hour
Seems like nothing can go wrong, as long as you try
Being honest and real, policy states to not tell a lie

That one will be by your side, with a smile on her face
Letting you know, that you’re the one, the one that can’t be replaced
As she draws close, start to caress the waist
And watch her fall into your arms, cuz she feels she won’t be replaced
Sent from heaven, yea, that concept remains real
Emotion so heartfelt”¦..only God can make something so real

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