I guarantee this story will bring sight and sound
2004 came around and guarantee it’s goin down
What’s up with the punk niggas, need to stop bullying me
What’s up with these teachers, why they make this ish so easy

And people wonder why I never told
Because every time I did, the story was always old
But when I pushed back, I got the shaft
Two wrongs don’t make right, here’s the math
That one bullet caused two lives
And one blade chose one side
6 different times, 6 different times we meet
I filtered all 6 times to not step on people’s feet
But right now, all I gotta say is take your seat
As I sit down and completely murk 10 different beats

All I care about is God and the life I rearranged
And the peeps in my life who make it off the chain
The moment I realized that I’m my own solution
Was the moment I finally became LosEvolution
The cockiness became humble, the life became the game
Once all this shit changed, I couldn’t stay the same [Hook]

I’m burning purple flowers…fuck a ross
Legend is my flow, bitches call me boss
My life is crazy, thousands of mistakes
But when I check the assets, my life looks great
Got a degree with an 8-5, salary, not hourly
Real niggas got my back, here comes the calvary
I do it all, jack of all trades
My life is like my hand, two jokers, all spades
I stepped to the mic, effortless I spit
Rhymes so crucial, make all readers sick
I do this for fun, they do it for keeps
Hope my words can continue to extend their reach (x2)

-inspired by DJ Khaled – I’m On One

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