Talent is evolution….and I am evolution…

Bout time I snap all the fucking strangs
About damn time I let ya ass know the game
I’m tired of feelin sad, tired of feelin mad
Motherfuck the past and everybody in it, I’m glad
Glad I made a franchise, glad I’m West Side
Glad Iota and M.S. in it for the ride
Glad that God got me and I don’t need the haters
Chunk the deuces and the bird, bitch see ya ass later
See ya ass later x9

Here we go, bout to mix up the game
Guarantee I bust it up, say, “Los off the chain”
I got another story, another rhyme
About to blow it up, this game is my grind
Right side of half a hundred grand, it’s my hustle
Flexing every muscle in my body, besides the one I hustle
Know the nigga about that money,
It sound like that money
It look like that money
Bring it back, this ish is funny
Since I popped Ole Miss, I’ve been chasing
Now I got it, I’m making
No longer chasing paper, now I’m taking
Better like the game cuz i’m infinite
I rip beats and rhymes to the limit
I stay on my grind cause that come first
If he get outta line his feelings finna get hurt
All that’s on my mind is get that dough
He try me imma take you places you don’t wanna go


I hope God forgive me for what was said
Honestly I don’t want anyone up & dead
My anger is my issue, Lord, my prayer is for help
I don’t wanna kill anyone, including myself
My fear is another story, I used to fear the world
Now I see it and some people, I really wanna hurl
I see everything they said, everything that they did
I then said to myself, “What the hell you doin kid?”,
Why you beatin yourself for punks in the past?
When you a real nigga and can tell it to kiss your ass?
Why you bitchin cuz back then you couldn’t pull the girls
When right now, one line will get ya the whole world
Of chicks who wanna see a man goin the right direction
And some of em just get wet and jump on the erection
I pledge allegiance to the DILLI freaking GAF
To my past, Do I look like I really give a fuck?


No matter what they say, I always rip the game
My life, just like my rhymes, got rearranged
But I lied to many people saying I can’t forget my past
Fuck the bitches in my past, homie I’m glad
Because everything back then turned me cool
Made me make sure that I will never be a fool
I’m inspired by him, change the flow from my lips
How about I borrow a line from Tip
Stay on my grind cause that come first
If he get outta line his feelings finna get hurt
All that’s on my mind is get that dough
He try me imma take you places you don’t wanna go
I stack the fuckin game and I guarantee that I rip
Run up on ya girl and watch her shake her hip
I always change the game, haters, stay fags
Iota pledged, God led, I become my swag


Yeah…..Everybody got a standard, everybody got a foundation….best believe 98-04 was mine. That was the point where hard became hard, when fire became fire, when I became more than human, I’m a target, a goal, a motivation.

Haters ain’t even on my radar, they transparent. If you ain’t about God, life, fam, and money, ya ass is funny man. Trust me on that. This is where I need to be, this rhyme game can’t make me. Just like back then, no nigga can break me. The years went real quick, gloves came off real fast.

You should be honored that a nigga like me even breathe in your direction cuz. I forgot more shit in my life than you even know. Nigga the sweat off my nuts got more guts than you, boy. So many people full of hot air, I got a needle this way boy. I got a needle for your girl too since you ain’t got it.

Everybody want a 2nd chance in this world, gone take the first chance you got and run with life. There are no 2nd lives, you got only one, so run with this one. Live it for yourself, because when you dead and gone, you the only one who can answer to God about your life…


inspired by T.I. – Pledge Allegiance to the Swag 

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