Guarantee the war is lost
Guarantee I paid the cost
To be the main boss
But I know this war is lost
This war is lost (2x)

I lost the damn war when I got beat in
If I can do it all over, I would’ve never got in
I would’ve never let bullies get to me like I need protection
Would’ve prayed that each hater would never get an erection
But I lost my temper, I never fight fire with fire
Sacrificed intellect for pimpin, fightin, and a liar
I guaranteed to be real, but I never showed real
All I did was played my hand, never did I get to deal
Any pain and frustration out to any of the bullies
Slowing down my flow, wondering in my life, could he
Have went a different angle, went a different direction
Probably then I wouldn’t think I need a 9 and a machete for protection
My flow is real, my flow is how I feel
It’s a straight shot to heart, always a real deal
About to speed it up, about to get it in
Watch this hook hit, next track I’m goin in


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