No hook, no pen, bitch here’s a pad
About to say some shit that’ll make ya mad
But I’m glad, I’m crunk, my ship ain’t sunk
Guarantee this nigga ain’t no punk
I’m real……Best in the world
Yeah, I said it, you better heard
What it is, what it gon be, what it ain’t
I should correct this, but nigga I can’t
This is random lyrics, straight up freestyle
Random off the top of the head, just wild
But I got a point, let me fuckin make it
My life in my hands I’m gonna take it
Off to the left, fuck the bs
Life in my hands, I’m about to caress
My heart, my soul, my mind, my truth
Fuck everybody who said they make the rule
In my life that once started I continue
Fuck the buffet, nigga gimme a menu
I choose her, before I choose anybody else
Read it and get mad, gone kill yourself
Cuz I made my choice, 2 years strong
I’m living it right, not living it wrong
Patience, persistence, compassion, she showed it
But cling to my arm, hell don’t I know it
A life is something that I need to show it
Mistakes left and right, I hate to blow it
I went ahead and did it right
But wrong went down with a fight
Things done in public and out of sight
I’ll wring a hater’s neck with all my might
Evolution retouched is always my truth
End this rhyme right here , I make the rules
Nah, I got 10 seconds to act a fool
Rippin into these beats is always so cool
I thought I could always go infinite
But I guess rhyming, I’ve reached my limit

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