About to get in zone
Don’t let me in my zone
Zone 1,2,3 or 4, I’m about to get in 4 zones
What you know about 4 zones?

Don’t let me in my zone
21 and up, I’m grown
Hit the bar and hit it strong
Definitely about to get in that zone
I’m about to get geeked, light on my feet
Makin friends up in the club, no matter who I meet
In 4 zones, I get right, I get geeked and I get gone
I’m a cool guy, I’m havin fun, I’m chilled out, I’m in the zone
Zone 1, I’m goin in, Bud Light, gone get the twin
Zone 2, I’m getting loose, drinkin Ciroc, not the goose
Zone 3, I’m laughin loud, that Crown Royal ain’t for a child
Zone 4, I’m blazin right, Black & Mild lightin the night
I stop there to observe the limit, I maintain that buzz
I sober myself up in time just to deal with the fuzz


Zone 1 I walk in,
Circle around the crowd
Smooth swag, we get it in, start mingling around
Shakin hands with the bouncers, before anything go down
Showin the club that I’m is the ish, I run this town
In 49, I light it up, I rep it up, I get wild
Zone 2, after 4 beers, I let ya know it’s goin down
I’m chilled out, in the zone, real ish, I’m getting grown
I’m hittin strong, I’m feeling zoned, out in the game zone 3 gon
Put ya in stitches, laughin ya ass off
Zone 4 come through, I turn the glass down
Pull the Black or Cigar and take 2 puffs, in that grown zone too tough
Pass the bottle down, pass it around to the next, cuz I had enough


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