This is from the hip, without any rewrites or redo. Basically, I hear a beat and I start rhyming. It is the final part of Paper Trail; however, this is the 2nd part of my album series. Since it is from the hip, it will get real personal, real fast. I’m aiming after everything that even remotely caused me pain in the past, and I’m chopping off heads left and right.

Paper Trail: Retouched Evolution
Release Date: 1/8/12

  1. Intro
  2. 4 Zones
  3. Storytellin’
  4. Lyrical Murder
  5. Interlude
  6. Evolution Retouched
  7. B.I.T.W
  8. Lost War
  9. So Close

Normally this would not have a ‘Revisited’ version because of it being already a version Retouched. Just read the intro, it will explain more direction than a 2 sentence summary ever would.

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