It’s been a long time planning
A lotta jaw jackin’
Time to let a nigga know what can happen
When the L.O.L wants to raise some hell
And ask a nigga “Who ya gonna tell?”
Time to spit the heat to knock ya off ya feet
So pull up a chair and take a seat
To listen to the rhymes that I bring to the table
I tell no myths, no lies, no fables

Time for the L.O.L, the Legend of Los
To show ya an arrogant nigga, reppin himself the most
Time to bring out a side of Los, is it the truth
A side that’ll set blaze to this whole fuckin roof
A side that’ll spit the heat that is so heartfelt
Heat so strong that’ll make ya soul melt
Definin evolution with every footstep
Either to be this Los or be my true self?

Dealin with the shit talk and all the jaw jackin’
I should let a nigga know what’s really gonna happen
If he keep mean muggin and talkin out his ass
I’m gonna set his ass aside, with the real true class
I hate a nigga that keep talkin like I’m a fuckin toy
When the sweat off my nuts got more guts than you boy

You ain’t really shit, I’m bash ya from coast to coast
Ask me why, and I’ll just say “Bitch, I’m Los”,
Call yourself a hardass, call yourself a gangsta
You in college boy, you ain’t even a wanksta
Get these 8 knuckles shot to ya head, boy
Or walk in my face, and I’ll bury ya with lead, boy
You bash my freestyle, I bust it out of aggression
Shots keep blazin, yea you gonna need protection
Protection from the rage that just got let out
That’s what the Los rage is really all about
Now that the anger released, it’s time to break out the rhyme
Not believin that I lost both grandparents at the same time

11 days apart, first one than the other
Always havin their love like a protective cover
Grandma, you brought heart to a spoiled child
Granddad, you showed this boy the silence is worthwhile
Grandma always spoke a lot, granddad always spoke less
But both always spoke wisdom, both spoke of the best
They never spoke down about any situation
Say just pray about it and keep the motivation
Two weeks of pain, my weeks of sadness
To lose my grandparents is true madness
To lose them both is to break the foundation
Now I’m restoring my life, with all dedication
To show them that hard work does bring a result
That after all this time a child can be an adult
That because of them I don’t have to be the arrogant person I first described
But I can raise my head high, and be myself, the real Los and enjoy the ride

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