You ever had that thing you couldn’t let go?

At times I wanted revenge
So bad I had to cry
I even wished them pain, I wanted to see them die
For crippling my present, wondering who I should be
To be the better man, and put it behind me

I let the story go, I let the people change
I let my lines rhyme, I hope you be amazed
That the man in game done did some growth
In mind and body, bitch, I did both
In the clouds to heaven, now I can float
I spit rhymes so fast, can’t choke
So let’s slow this verse down, let’s get this track right
I’ma tell you a story about my 6th grade fight
I jumped up and did a kick
Violence in my heart, I felt sick
But what I didn’t know in the end
That my worst enemy would be my friend
At the end of 6th grade, I truly lost my sight
Of my self-esteem and what I knew was right
7th through 10th, I felt the haters might
Depressed, I wished God would’ve taken me at night


Let’s go back to the 7th, back in middle school
Got picked on for my size, thought I was a fool
I wanted to fit in, respectfully be cool
Instead I got a kick to the face like a mule
I got jumped, and no one did shit
But said, “ignore them and they’ll go away”
But everyday I was somebody’s bitch
I wished myself to fade away
My confidence died, my heart went cold
Even to the ladies, I was never bold
Probably why that one couldn’t see
That she could’ve been the one to save me
Who would want a guy, beat up & lazy eyed
Throughout that point was when my soul truly died
I regretted my past and the people in it
Because each day, I was pushed to all limits


When I grew up, I grew hard
I thought that I always had the cards
When the game change, I didn’t change
I reshuffled the pieces, and rearrange
My life, my game, my rhyme, my rules
But to grow up, stop being fool
Change the game so haters get schooled
Now Los in control and I make the rules
I forgive the guy who kicked, the many bullies who picked
The chicks who laughed in my face, the many faces I hit
The desire I had to kill, the passion I lacked in life
The will to pick on others, the desire I had to fight
I let go all of that burden, best believe I’m free
To live my life strong, to continue to be me


-inspired by VybeBeats – TheZone

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