Dictated action is action with thought
Perish that thought”¦.here’s the lessons taught
The renegade walks on the stage, crunk and hype as hell
So driven, his expressions are a story that I try to tell
He walks off the stage, leaving the crowd heartfelt
Then he walks back on with a John Cena shirt and the spinner belt
He then exits the stage, praying as he go
Now he’s on the stage with jeans and a nice polo
As the crowd thinks that he dressed out as much as he could
He then leaves and comes back, with jeans and a black hood
Symbolizing his craft and every opportunity he tossed
For every outfit he wore, he bore a shiny, silver cross
Two dog tags drift from his neck, with names of his fam
Someone from the crowd says, “You suck,”, he says “I don’t give a damn
About the haters, the punks, I’ll feed ya to the fire.”,
Now we see that words and actions affect those all around
He realizes that he’s not Christ, only the perfect wear that crown
Now a final look at the crowd the renegade says indeed,
“In life I’m a success, in words and actions, I achieve.”,
He exits one final time, some cheering, some slighted
In his heart, and others, this story was a wrong being righted

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