There’s a story in my heart, I don’t know how to say it
All it do is start to make my life feel jaded
Cuz I hate accepting loss, I hate to fall short
From the academics, to the weights, to the small court
I hate failing, I hate falling, I hate trippin
I look at my words, with this drink I’m sippin
Did I spoil myself with success, not accepting to fall
Always wanting the best, always standing tall
To be the main franchise, the illest, realest nigga
The main, the main event with all the right figures
Paper chasin, makin moves, keep ya girl in the groove
Girl feel the pain, centaur know how to soothe
22 years old, mind mature than the most peeps
Young as hell, know how to club hop and creep
But I won’t do ya wrong, I’ll keep a smile on ya face
I won’t say the wrong, I keep ya right in this place

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