Jeans, white-t, matched with a fitted hat
The real Los is in the game, I’m up to bat
I’m ready to swing, I’m ready to hit
I’m ready to tell the haters to suck a dick
I’m tired of the kid gloves; I’m tired of sugar coating
Tired of the dumb shit ya ass just keep on smoking
So the beast is loose, Los pure and untamed
The game changed, and Los gonna shut up the lames
Let em know I’m done talkin, little shit stoppin
Ballin on these niggas being broke is not an option
It’s not an option to lose, all I can do is win
I live my life strong, God forgive me of my sin
My worst sin that I wasn’t me for so freaking long
C-Los back in the game, and I’m so freaking strong
And I tell all the naysayers step up and take a number
Cuz I’m now linin ya ass up for the trip, 6 feet under

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