The thing about me is that I’m always reinventing myself. I’m always changing, always evolving. Today marks another evolution. I let go of my past, its people, and everything that has held me back from truly expressing who I am and what I do. It is a shame how the number 23 creeps on me and I feel as if nothing has truly changed. To feel a solemn sense of failure is a feeling that I can no longer afford. Through these words, I speak myself back into my true existence. I speak my true self back to life after being dead for so long. I speak rebirth.

Part 1: C-Los is Reborn
Back in the day, I had an attitude that basically was unbreakable, with knowledge, but lacked the strength. Now I bring back that attitude, combined with the strength I gained.

Part 2: The Release
An emotional release of hindrance, and a renewal.

Part 3:  Story of My Heart
A heart to heart of sorts.

Part 4: Where I Stand
I stand…….

Part 5: First This, Second That
First I do this…Second I do that…

Part 6: Left and Right
The Yin and Yang

Part 7: Bounce Back
Ending the speech, bouncing back to the basics

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