The moment…..what is the moment…what is the moment of life
The moment where I decided to lay down and succumb to the pain and strife
But that moment never came, that moment never existed
Because of the way I live my life, fear and sadness are so distant
I live my life like a man on a mission
Stronger than your followers and all your Twitter mentions
Sharper than the nails on a cactus
Bolder than the font in your Facebook Status
Harder to the point of going ham
Stronger than all your hearts on Instagram
I know you like how I used all social networks
Since a lot of people use them to measure their worth
But the truth is that my moment came and never left
When I realized my true emotion and how I felt
I felt so strong and I felt so fierce
I looked at sadness and with the happiness sword I pierced
It’s heart and all it bled was sadness and depression
And I looked at pessimism and said, “You gonna need protection”
I got an optimistic bullet and trust me I’ma use it
Because this is the moment I took suicide and I truly abused it

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