I own swag and I can’t be touched
Mr. I-Phi to the ladies, can’t get enough
Confident lil nigga makin the hard 5 figures
No kid on the side, I’m all ya see, nigga
No chick on the side golddiggin, tryin to ride
But if she rides, she’ll be riding by my side
But she better have her head straight, screw the rest
But I don’t fall for the dumb shit, stop flaunting ya breasts
Cuz I’m the brain child, defining my way of life
I’ll do whatever it takes to live my life right
I feel like I did it right, blendin the mind and street
Cuz I know how many seconds it takes to pull the heat

I own swag and I get it everyday
That means any day that ends in day
That’s 7 days a week, 365 a year
I rocks the best of it man get clear
Shoes for everyday of the week, polos for every season
Jeans out the wazoo, suits for no reason
Slacks are no joke, vests make ya hope
Sweaters for the cold, scarves for the choke
Durags for the head, fitted hats all year
Dogtags for the style, diamonds be so clear
Crosses for my Christ, parel for the frat
Tags dedicated to my fam, they always got my back
I’m chillin on the side, with the socks to match
To match my style and swagga, hatas get back
I read the books to help with my class
To the hatas, learn to kiss my ass

My swagga in my step, pimp in my stroll
Bowlegged from the youth, still got it cold
Lil pigeon-toed to unique my walk
A drawl in the speech, unique in my talk
You know my voice, deep and high at one time
Deep in the voice, up to spit rhymes
I get swag”¦everywhere I go
But I have a swagga, everywhere I show
Don’t give a shit about how people do their own
Cuz all I focus is how to live my life strong

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