I wake up, turn to side, about to get this day in,
Know that no matter what, I’ll never think suicide again.
Since I live strong, live hard, live a life that true.
To have life by rules not mine, haters need to get a clue.

In my eyes I made mistakes, caused a lot of pain
Lived my life so selfishly only for my personal gain
When I changed the game around, trust me it brought all smiles
Now the peers look through my life, like an innocent child

I pray everyday I live is a life done for you
Where I know you are the one who is true
In every way possible, no matter how I am approached
I will not step on my haters like a cockroach

Because my standard in my eyes is higher than most
It is something that I take with pride, I can boast
That the life I live is one where God plays the host
Where my life is now on cruise and all I do is coast
This is the beginning of the story of the Life in the Eyes of Los

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