It’s a game changing moment, where everything had to change
The point in my life where everything had to be rearranged
The moment where all the shit truly got real
Where I had to examine all the cards I deal
And even examine all the cards I was dealt
Where I changed my own environment and even myself
I was told of the snakes, even told by snakes who were snakes
But this was the point where I was angry and all the heads I began to take
Rather chop em all off, no point of weeding them out
Since my time ran out and I know my life is now south
So, I started all the chopping and those who didn’t deserve it
Pointed me out when my blade began to reach the surface
I stopped just to listen to what they had to say
As they told me the true story on this day
It was a great moment that you’ll just have to see
Read THE MOMENT to understand what truly happened to me

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