As a man move forward, he ain’t looking back
Cuz all the things that looked white started looking black
I cried at my thoughts, wanted them to cease
I looked at my past, wondered if I could find peace
All I could do is pray and hope it’s answered
Cuz all the grief and sadness eat like cancer
It breaks a man down, gotta monitor his thoughts
Cuz all the past can be is hard lessons taught

I learned my lessons, no longer sad
Looking in my past only makes me glad
Glad that I’m strong, glad that I’m true
To all the haters, they ain’t got a clue
They don’t know that I can keep moving
Like a good beat, I can keep grooving
Like a cough drop, keep on soothing
Heal my thoughts and heal my mind
As I sit down and take the time
To write my past down in these rhymes
As I now stop looking back, but forward to my grind.

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