I welcome every pain, every struggle, every competition, every demon
Bring all this against me and quit being a contradicting heathen
Because a man gets tired of not facing the opposition
And not making it seem like it is true competition
But it’s real, it’s the harsh truth, here’s your proof
To all those who defeated their demons, to you, I salute
Because it takes strength, determination, it shows who you are
I’m done running all my life like a track star
I’m tired of running away, and now take a stop
Cutting my eyes over my shoulder, demons took a stop
What I saw then was a shock to see
That they were actually the ones afraid of me
I then realized that demons are ones who attack when the back is turned
For the stare in my eyes was now one that burned
With fire and strength, not one of anger
For the demons began to realize they were in danger
As I turned my whole body and decided to face
Down my enemies, they thought I wanted to plead my case
Instead I took one step, they took 3 in the opposite direction
For my demons were the ones who needed protection
They needed darkness and a slight moment of weakness
The moment where you hang your head down at the end of your life fence
Never give them the moment, never give them that sight
But show the enemies a kind smile”¦even in a rough fight

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