When I slowed my life down, I went from fast to slow
100 to 40, let this story be told
When I put my life in perspective and begin to mold
Who Los needed to be, the past had to be sold
To the highest bidder, let the devil say he won
I laugh in his face when I tell him that I won
I succeeded in my life when everything slowed down
I look at the grass and mowed it down
To find all snakes that hid in my grass
I took all their heads, first to the last
And the sad part is that physically they think they’re high
But all I do now is utter a deep sigh
That I know that the power over me is no longer there
I’m past the temptation, the desire is no longer there
I’m no longer in the rush, but I do know my speed
I know my own desires and I know my own need
I know that sometimes my 40 looks to be full speed ahead
But I also know that going 100 at all times will make me lose my head
Let this lesson be known that sometimes you need to slow down
Before you make the mistakes in life that make you a clown

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