Personal Poems


About that time to face ’em (inspired by Matt Smith – Headin Right Back)

The Push
Random spiel about money.

6 Years
…written a year ago, about a few fears here and there

Fading Away
..inspired by CellDweller – Welcome to the End, it’s a ploy of words.

Simple and plain

Confessions of the Chaser
Yes, I chase a lot of things in my life and sometimes I get them…sometimes, I don’t

Deceived by My Eyes
Sometimes, your vision must become clear….
(inspired by Waterproof Blonde – Close Your Eyes)

Hearing the Tale
Anyone can say they know a life story, but only the person living the life can tell it

I Don’t Regret
Took a song, made it personal

Forward to My Grind
Trying to no longer look back at the past.

End of a Run
Basically it’s me letting go after years of fighting against impulses. Giving away the control I tried to hold.

The Appalled
Don’t know what I was thinking about when I wrote this one. First I was going to focus on 2 different people, then it started to turn inward.

Final Evolution
A poem circling around the end of my evolution in life.

Evolving One Step at a Time
The slogan of the site, put into poetry

Without Passion….Without Drive
Written at a weak point in my life, but this point brought some strength.

Don’t Waste My Time
Again, a weak life point, but now removing a lot of things.

Part of the Foundation
This one is dedicated to my grandmother (RIP)

My New Gift
Well, I bought the WWE Championship and well, it’s a big piece of gold and worth every penny. But there was some thoughts…as if it went to my head. Here’s my opinions on it.

Letting Go
Well, this is also personal, me learning a hard lesson about myself.

Lost War
A Point of Exhaustion

Want Some, Come Get Some
Poem from one of John Cena‘s slogans.

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