-Chorus- 2x

They say Maury can’t spit the flow
They say Maury can’t spit the rhymes
They say Maury ain’t about the shit
Go ahead take a number and suck my dick

I’m tired of fuckin hatas talkin shit like Los ain’t gonna amount to shit
I’m tired of talkin, gone take a number, and start ridin a dick
Cuz Maury gonna stay strong, gonna spit rhymes, pump iron, spend time
Hittin the books, stayin real, grindin hard, once again spittin rhymes
Makin paper, love the girl, love the fam and the kru
Stayin as hard as possible, while always stayin tru
Maury gonna get back on beat, just spit the heat, to knock ya off the feet
Pull up a chair, take a seat,
And listen to the rhymes i put on the table
I tell no lies, no myths, no fables

-Chorus 2x-

I’m tired of tryin to make the world get the fact that I’m stayin here
Gotta let these bastards know that I ain’t from around here
7-4 till the world blow, Maury remember fa-sho
Burnin CDs for the ten, ain’t doin no mo
Lil lady, 5’5 stayed with Maury for so long
Even though she’s married, happy, she’ll never be gone
Still share a part of the heart, the part that shows love
RIP to the lil man, lookin down from above
Bought sense is the best kind, so I freaking bought it
Life’s hard ass lesson, it damn sure freaking taught it
So I let the story ride, cuz I truly embrace it
Cuz it’s a story of life, I cannot truly hate it
The only thing I can do is still be me and spit the rhymes
And dedicate my time to the life grind
Embrace the love and my dedication
My fam, my kru, and my education

-Chorus 2x-

I’m tired of cryin’
I’m tired of sheddin tears
I’m tired of sadness
It’s here for too many years
I need to keep movin, and stay on my grind
I’m tired of people, doin nothing but wastin time………

-Chorus 2x-

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