Ha….24/7, 365…..guess it’s game time

I’m gonna tell ya a lil story about a guy named El’O
Rolled in the game, shakin fools like Carmelo
Big fish in the lil pond like the freaking Moby
Believe I’ve changed the number, you’d call me Kobe
It’s surreal that two years, I done wasted all tears, broke all fears
And changed the game up, so trill
I broke the limit, only took a minute, walked away from weakness, u can call me sequence
Cuz I’m Maury, I’m putting it in order, call it God Sent
But I’ll tell ya what I said and I’ll tell ya what I meant
Ya see the game is over, I’m Los Maury all the time
The talent is the flow, my life is the grind
It’s the grind that brought me the $$$ all the time
And it brought me the talent to write and spit rhymes
Brought me focus and a motivation to improve
Cuz the path to God is the path I choose
I choose to find my purpose and my destination
Cuz I can be Maury only for me and not a nation
I stand strong in my composure, like a soldier
Try to break it, Maury will step to ya and walk all over
I’ll do what it takes to stay strong in my mind
Cuz the mind, heart, soul is Maury’s Grind
I grind hard, 24/7, 365
And I’ll rest when God says that it’s my time

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