My mind so close in the game, I spit truth
Cuz it’s about time to let an honest beast go loose
I done did many things sometimes never thought twice
But the times I did, my conscience decided to fuck me up
Time to be real serious, need to stop being nice
But every decision in life, you gotta think twice
Cuz if you don’t think twice, you won’t realize
That in this verse that 4 times I said the word ‘twice’
A ploy of words, now back to the matter
Mind over heart or vice versa, I choose the latter
I’m tired of feeling bad cuz my life is so rough
I got so close to being right, God isn’t that enough?

I’m inspired by my lyrics, cuz I spit it from the heart
I’m guaranteed to succeed in this game cuz I’m smart
Cuz the rap game is not for me, I just play around
But trust when the beat drop, I step up and lay it down
On the mic, L-Evolution, twitter, poetry, whatever
Think ya ass better, whenever you want, step up and do better
Cuz I’m tired of seeing mofos get up and spit shit
Like someone handed their ass a lil silver ass dick
Cuz honestly, there’s no substance, there is no truth
Everybody want that one track that make hands hit the roof
That’s not a real lyricist, that ain’t a real rapper
Realize without true lyrics, your shit just won’t matter
Realize no matter what, people look to your words
Realize that bullshit won’t fly, that shit’s for the birds

—–inspired by T.I. – So Close

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