If I faded off the Earth, homie would you remember
That I lived my life hard January to December
Made all mistakes, corrected all mishaps
Destroyed all the haters, screw the lil saps

If I walked away from it all, will anyone remember
That I stepped through it all, regardless of the hinder
The hindrance of haters, they tried to hold me back
I kept swingin my fist, their eyes then swoll black

Yet I tried to keep strollin, tried to set it out
Tried to rep it out to close the haters mouth
But I now see that no matter what haters will hate
I look at the millions and I say, Aight, that’s great

You better sit and call a truce, cuz I ain’t got nothin else to lose, I’m done playin with ya rules, I’m gonna make ya a damn fool, cuz Los gonna remain cool, make ya mouth drool, nigga the 8 ball shawty, in this game of pool.


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