1/1/10, the day has begun
I’m no longer doin this ish for fun
I spit to release my emotions, cease all my stress
But I didn’t know that I was gonna be the best
At putting the verses in the game altogether
Best in rain, sleet, snow, any fuckin weather
2010 is the year I’m better than anybody else
Cuz I bow from the spotlight and keep to myself
I chase more paper, grind harder, better hustle
Beastin in the gym and class, intelligent muscle
Freestyle better than any nigga, flow better than any rapper
Poetry better than any poet, I’m the franchise rapper
I’m the best at what I do, motherfuck a Chris Jericho
Already runnin the race before a nigga said go
I’m in this verse to change the motherfuckin game
The hustle in, homey I proclaim my reign
I’m king in it, watch how the paper start addin up
I’m the best it, watch how the grades add up
I’m the beast in it, watch the weights go up
Don’t like my reign, too bad, so sad, tough

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